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snap.shot™ -  your website preview:  www.snap-shot.tv

Introduce your website or compliment your existing promotional media in one go. Welcome to snap.shot, the personal way to guide visitors to your website.

After you have invested a lot of time and resources creating your online presence how do you add that personal touch to attract visitors to it? Taking its content directly from your website, snap.shot uses images and copy that you have already approved and paid for. You select the elements that you wish to highlight and where you want them to appear and we will do the rest.

Your snap.shot card can:
Be handed out to enquirers at your point of sale.
Be inserted in a mailed quote, estimate or invitation.
Accompany a receipt, either at point of sale or by mail.
Replace brochures as a handout at exhibitions, trade fairs or events.
Be used in a mail drop campaign to advertise a new offer, facility or service.